Submetering Systems
The way some people waste energy, they must think someone else is paying for it

Energy, Water and Gas Submetering Services

At Submetering Systems we strive to provide the exact set of products and services that our customers desire. Some clients long for total independence and want to operate and maintain their own systems with little to no interface. Others want us to take over all aspects of their equipment performance, operation, and maintenance. And of course there are many that fall somewhere in between. Below are listed the various services that we can provide which may be bundled in any assortment that any customer may choose.
  • Design Services including site surveys
  • Equipment selection and specification
  • Project oversight, consulting, or management
  • Customer training
  • On-site maintenance
  • Data Supply from raw numbers to tabulated results
  • Energy usage reports with or without utility data
  • Data Hosting services
  • Submeter billing data
  • Turn-key meter reading, billing, and collection services
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