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Submetering Systems
The way some people waste energy, they must think someone else is paying for it

Welcome to Submetering Systems

If you currently own or manage any type of multi-tenant facility like a condominium, shopping mall, or office building, and you have only a single utility meter for electricity, gas, or water, we can help you dramatically reduce your operating costs with submeters.

Submeters are defined as any type of metering device, downstream of the utility meter, that accurately monitors individual tenant consumption. We can provide submeters for local manual reading or automated remote reporting.

When individual tenants are empowered with the knowledge of how much of a commodity they consume, they can make their own decision to continue "as is" or modify their current consumptive patterns so as to use less. For the first time they will be able to profit directly from that decision.

At Submetering Systems we can assist with the design, equipment selection, procurement, permitting, installation ,operation, and billing if desired. With over 125 different buildings that we have completed totaling more than 12,000 submeters, we bring more than 25 years experience to help you with your own unique requirements.
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